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Steve is NASM certified personal trainer, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning specialist and FRC mobility specialist.  As a two sport college athlete in baseball and football, Steve understands what it takes to introduce his clients to a well rounded training program. He has also spent 5 years of his training career competing in bodybuilding competition so he knows the ins and outs of muscle building and body fat composition. 


As his career evolved, Steve has taken a path of an holistic health coach and places high demands on mobility and injury prevention as a part of his strength training protocols. His unconventional style of training is what makes working with Steve a special experience and allows his clients to gain the complete body they deserve. He wants you to connect to your body so that one day you’re in control of your fitness journey 


Steve will not only educate you on how to live a pain free and healthy lifestyle, he lives it himself to the fullest. His passion for health and fitness will feed your success. Know that Steve will support you and keep you disciplined until you reach your goals. 

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