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Why Do Muscles Tighten Up After Exercise?

Have you ever felt your muscles tighten up after a workout, after beginning a new exercise or pushing yourself further than usual? Muscle tightness that occurs a day or two after exercise will affect anybody, regardless of their fitness level.

So don't be offended. This form of muscle stiffness or achiness is natural; it doesn't last long, and is a sign of increasing your fitness actually. During the workout, figure out how to treat the sore muscles better.

Why, After Exercise, Do Muscles Feel Sore?

Sore muscles during physical activity, called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), it can occur when you initiate a new fitness regimen, adjust your exercise schedule, or increase your daily workout period or strength.

When muscles are forced to work faster than they are used to or otherwise, microscopic damage to muscle fibers is assumed to result in muscle soreness or rigidity. DOMS is also incorrectly thought to be caused by a build-up of lactic acid, but this mechanism does not require lactic acid.

How long does DOMS Last For?

Usually, DOMS lasts 3-5 days. The discomfort, which may vary from moderate to extreme, typically develops within 1 to 2 days of the exercise. This kind of muscle pain should not be confused with another form of pain that you can feel during exercises, such as the acute, unexpected, and sharp pain of an injury, such as muscle sprains or strains.

How Do I Heal DOMS?

There is no one easy way for DOMS to be handled. Nothing is shown to be 100 % effective. These things can help to relieve some of the symptoms:

• Ice Packs

• Rest

• Massage

• Painkillers

Generally, DOMS doesn't need medical attention. Although if the discomfort gets intolerable, you're having severe swelling, or the urine gets black, you can seek medical help.

How Will DOMS Be Prevented?

One of the easiest ways of avoiding DOMS is to softly and steadily launch every new activity program. It can help reduce soreness by giving the muscle time to adjust to new steps. There is not much proof that to avoid DOMS by warming up your muscles before exercise. . But it will reduce the risk of injuries and boost the performance by training with warmed-up muscles.

While there are many advantages of stretching, there is currently no proof that stretching before or during exercise tends to minimize or avoid DOMS.

Can I Continue Exercising With DOMS?

You can exercise with DOMS though beginning with it can feel awkward. When the muscles have warmed up, the soreness should go down. Quite possibly, the soreness returns once your muscles have calmed down. You can rest until the soreness goes away if you find it difficult to exercise. Alternatively, you could concentrate on workouts that hit less affected muscles and provide time for rehabilitation for the more affected muscle groups.

Will I Keep Getting DOMS?

DOMS is a kind of training of the body, which ensures that the muscles respond to the new task. There would be less muscle tissue injury, less soreness, and a better recovery the next time you do the same task or workout at the same level.


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