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How do you know if a trainer is right for me?

By reviewing your assessment, we determine which of our highly-skilled trainers are going to get you the best results. With over 15+ years in the fitness industry we understand what practices and techniques work best for various results. 

What if I don't like the trainer(s) I've been paired with?

We do our absolute best to hand-pick the trainer(s) we know can help you achieve your goals but we fully understand that there is more to a trainer/client relationship than just that. Our trainers are all professional and personable but if for any reason you don't connect, we can introduce you to other trainer(s) on our team.

Why is this different from just having a personal trainer?

With Pro Fit you are getting a team. Beyond our trainers we also have a top selection of health advisors, nutritionists and other health beneficial companies that you have access to. 'Many hands make light work' is the saying, of course, For the first time you can train with a team of the best trainers. Learning the science of fitness and health from multiple experts in the process of training as well as the variety of training methods will bring so much more joy and fun than the traditional way of having a personal trainer.


What does 'tailor-made training driven by data' actually mean?

We say 'tailor-made training' because we learn about you and your needs and partner you with the ideal trainer(s) for you. 'Driven by data' is a huge part of our success at Pro Fit. We know that it is harder to achieve results if you don't monitor the success. Therefore, we use state-of-the art sports technology to track your progress. All of this is included in the cost. You can read more about the products we use here.

I'm not sure if Pro Fit is what I am looking for, can we chat? 

Absolutely, during the assessment we ask if you'd like to come in for a free 15 minute consultation. You'll meet with Adel.

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