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A Board Certified Family Physician, Dr. Hakimi has had diverse medical training and has combined his knowledge of medicine with specialized alternative medical modalities to create an integrative and comprehensive medical practice. Dr. Hakimi's philosophy has at its core the natural healing process of a living organism. He believes “Health” is a dynamic process in which energetic, hormono-chemical, structural, physical, emotional-mental, and spiritual aspects converge to produce balance and harmony. He is the medical director of Body of Harmony in Beverly Hills, CA.

Dr. Hakimi offers a Western-Eastern medical practice, which encompasses Osteopathic structural fitness, hormonal and chemical balance through natural medications and detoxification, adjunctive clinical Homeopathy, coaching and counseling.


Dr. Hakimi’s Specialties: Medicine, Family Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Osteopathic Manipulation, Osteopathy, Homeopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Craniosacral Therapy, Coaching and Counseling, Addiction, Yoga, Meditation, Fitness, Detoxification, Detox, weight loss.

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